Advanced Service Marketing Strategies

We are helping Dealers to see the benefit of location-based mobile advertising. Our Service Marketing strategies make your DMS an online marketing machine by continually matching your offline data with your customers online browsing behavior.
This is a highly effective mobile strategy, enabling you to send a relevant message to your customers, and to Conquest prospects who are in your dealership or even down the street in your competitor’s showroom!

OUR CONQUEST SERVICE & On-boarding PROGRAM PULLS INFO from 3rd parties that detail owners of your brands cars in YOUR “proverbial” backyard. We THEN COMPARE the info pulled from these 3rd party data providers TO THOSE IN YOUR DMS so we can exclude those who are YOUR EXISTING CLIENTS. Those who are not already your customers are targeted as CONQUEST PROSPECTS.

Our MULTI-CHANNEL On-boarding APPROACH includes:

  • Putting the prospective conquest customers into buckets by model.
  • Locate up to 60% of these customers online, targeting them while they are surfing the web with creative that relates to their model and the service required based on ownership date.
  • Send your prospects model and service schedule specific via data driven direct mail pieces based on the specific model ownership.
  • Offering a laser targeted One, Two Approach with both data driven direct mail pieces and banner ads in real-time.


Pinpoint users in competitive dealerships and take advantage of the showrooming phenomenon! Deliver Service & Sales messages directly to your competitors customers while they are sitting in your competitors showroom!
Associate a mobile device to other devices in the household i.e. laptop, tablet, pc or even tv!

Our Company Mission
Dealer Marketing Group™ (DMG) develops strategic partnerships for Dealerships ready to integrate our proven marketing systems and expertise. We grow your brand, market your products and services in the most effective manner, increasing sales resulting in long-term profitable relationships with your customers
DMG Value Proposition
DMG has advanced integrated marketing solutions that target, engage, drive and convert customers, maximizing your ad spend and driving more front and back-end sales.
DMG Value Chain
DMG connects the links in the chain to drive your marketing objectives, insuring the results you deliver provide the ultimate in value and service for your customers.