What if we could put your inventory and special offers in front a of a predefined prospect while he or she is surfing the web across anyone of millions of websites in REAL-TIME?

For the first time,ConteXt℠ provides your dealership this unprecedented competitive advantage. Our technology pinpoints local consumers across the web who have already made the decision to purchase a new or used car. Using 1st & 3rd Party Data, our Data-Driven marketing product segments and targets predefined “in-market” consumer behavior with display ads contextually across the web. We create a profile of “bottom of the funnel” buyers, just before they are ready to look for a local dealership. We know that they’ve already decided on a vehicle you offer, and our powerful 3rd party data allows us to create an accurate profile of a buyer, and delivers relevant dynamically created display ads with your offer for their vehicle of choice. Our laser-focused Search Targeting tactics will become a very desirable marketing strategy to earn both in-market and conquest buyers.

Our Company Mission
Dealer Marketing Group™ (DMG) develops strategic partnerships for Dealerships ready to integrate our proven marketing systems and expertise. We grow your brand, market your products and services in the most effective manner, increasing sales resulting in long-term profitable relationships with your customers
DMG Value Proposition
DMG has advanced integrated marketing solutions that target, engage, drive and convert customers, maximizing your ad spend and driving more front and back-end sales.
DMG Value Chain
DMG connects the links in the chain to drive your marketing objectives, insuring the results you deliver provide the ultimate in value and service for your customers.