A local and national solution all in one.

When Volkswagen of America needed a revolutionary new website for the rollout of the WorldAuto Certified program, they chose our our platform as the answer. By gathering information from over 640 Volkswagen dealerships spanning the United States, the innovative WorldAuto web portal instantly grants users access to thousands of pre-owned vehicles nationwide. Our highly-skilled team pioneered an expansive search tool to streamline the way buyers can find their next pre-owned vehicle on one simple website. Results are based on user input and sorted by location with the ability to further refine the search by price, mileage, model, color and distance.
Our Company Mission
Dealer Marketing Group™ (DMG) develops strategic partnerships for Dealerships ready to integrate our proven marketing systems and expertise. We grow your brand, market your products and services in the most effective manner, increasing sales resulting in long-term profitable relationships with your customers
DMG Value Proposition
DMG has advanced integrated marketing solutions that target, engage, drive and convert customers, maximizing your ad spend and driving more front and back-end sales.
DMG Value Chain
DMG connects the links in the chain to drive your marketing objectives, insuring the results you deliver provide the ultimate in value and service for your customers.


Similar to Autotrader.com or Cars.com, the WorldAuto website is an online catalog of certified and quality pre-owned vehicles available at VW dealerships nationwide.

  • WorldAuto provides the ability to search the collective pre-owned inventory of all participating VW dealerships across the United States.
  • Geographically tagged inventory shows results filtered by proximity.
  • Users can click their vehicle matches to view offers from local dealer and get more detailed information.


The WorldAuto portal is powered by data-driven marketing & dynamic retargeting. Responsive Site Design allows users to have the best experience regardless of what device they are using to view the site.

  • Data and personalized banner ads were used to target in-market buyers for the pre-owned vehicles represented in the WorldAuto Site.
  • These banner ads were served across million of websites targeting consumers who were designated as in-market buyers in real-time.
  • The WorldAuto Portal also leveraged our proprietary retargeting system that dynamically built ads for multiple vehicles based on what each prospect looked at across the website. Before vehicles were retargeted to each prospect, our data platform scored them individually on a variety of factors essentially deciding how much to bid or whether to serve an ad at all on a case by case basis.
  • All activity is tracked, including keywords, search terms, click path, form submissions, and even phone calls – which is something VW dealers have not had in the past.
  • Call tracking fires conversions in Google Analytics so dealers are able to see origin of the call, call duration, as well as the number of conversions they are receiving from the portal directly.
  • Phone calls sync with other tracking details giving dealers insight to behavioral data, such as keyword and click path.


Our team designed the optimal web portal to suit WorldAuto’s needs, used data to effectively spend advertising dollars to get traffic, and, most importantly, has the results to show for it. The extreme success of the WorldAuto web portal is proven with a thorough performance review. High click through rates plus increased conversions from display ads shows a very strong return on investment from the project. Since the site was launched, WorldAuto’s dealers have seen a substantial increase in leads/conversions than previous months. Low Click Costs, Increased Traffic, and Conversions totaling in the thousands all illustrate a clear victory for the WorldAuto web portal. This website is changing the way people can search the pre-owned inventory at car dealerships.