A Successful Paid Search & Data Marketing Case Study

OEM-mandated digital search campaigns force car dealerships to round robin their ads leveraging the same broad keywords, keyword phrases and similar ad text. This makes it hard for individual dealerships to stand out amongst their in-brand competitors. However, from an OEM perspective it is simply a matter of “a rising tide lifting all ships” while keeping competitive manufacturers at bay in the search results. Individual dealers’ campaigns are often caught in the crossfire because bidding against in-brand competitors plus OEMs and Ad Groups creates the potential for soaring CPC and campaign costs. For many years, our team has managed Prestige Jaguar Land Rover’s paid search and data initiatives. The recently mandated paid search campaigns sponsored by both the OEM as a Tier 1 initiative and regional Ad Groups positioning themselves as a tier 2 solution have been become more and more aggressive. Essentially pitting our client, Prestige (like all other dealers in their market) at odds with the massive amount of monies spent by both the OEM & Ad groups who were bidding on similar keywords and phrases. But as it turned out, Prestige not only captured premium placement with their ads but also won the majority of available impressions at a lesser cost. The OEM, Ad group and other competitive dealers’ initiatives were topped as Prestige flourished. How? The majority of the other campaigns in the market lacked high quality scores. Higher quality scores drive down costs while driving up ad placements. OEM and Regional Ad groups spent tons of money keeping out the broader competitors with higher bids but lacked the more refined approach needed to dominate ad placement and cost controls To learn more about how Prestige leveraged the LandRover.com and JaguarUSA.com campaigns to catapult their initiatives ahead of everyone else in each of their target markets. Check out our results below:
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As seen in the table, in some instances Prestige exceeded the nearest competitor by approximately 35%. The report also shows an average search result position of 2.25 across all regions. A search result position within the top 3 is considered premium ad placement. Prestige Jaguar Land Rover met and exceeded this goal across all campaigns. Overall, this report clearly states that out strategic campaigns for Prestige Jaguar Land Rover eclipsed all other competitors with similar campaigns, making it the most successful.