Become “First-Page” news every day… staying at the top of Google and in Mind of Your Buyers

Even with the constant up and down changes happening on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, SEO still remains a relevant and needed strategy. Having your dealer site show up on page 1 of these sites depends on many factors. Let’s look at a few reasons:

  • First off — Content is King! You want to have relevant keywords in all the content on your site. People will find you easier when they type in specific search terms for what you offer, if those keywords are contained in the copy on your site.
  • Using Video to market your vehicle inventory, with keyword-rich text, making sure your inventory is accessible from your mobile site, and smart social media are essential keys to getting your site ranked high, and staying on top.
  • When you have your dealer inventory available on a mobile device, and post the videos on YouTube on a regular rotating basis, it will add a higher “Quality Score” that will affect your search rankings. Google will index (see the quality ‘and quantity’ of the content in your site) and reward you by ranking it higher. This makes it easier for your site to get found and clicked on to bring shoppers right to your site.

    DMG is on top of the latest video creation and editing software to get you noticed…now! Plus, our team of high-functioning ‘technophiles” are always working to get your sites ranked high, by making them look and even sound good. We do all of this making your website “keyword and search-friendly” to search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Getting in front of your ideal customer is hinged on their ability to find you online; whether they are on their Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. Having a mobile presence is key, as search for autos on mobile devices is up 463% over last year. You want to be sure to be on the technology that your customer uses most often. Today, people want convenience and simply want to touch a device to call or email for an appointment, get directions to your showroom, or better yet, contact you about auto financing and purchasing needs – all with the click or touch of a button. Having DMG manage and market your dealer properties will drive results from your website, mobile and social media pages right to the dealership floor.

Our Company Mission
Dealer Marketing Group™ (DMG) develops strategic partnerships for Dealerships ready to integrate our proven marketing systems and expertise. We grow your brand, market your products and services in the most effective manner, increasing sales resulting in long-term profitable relationships with your customers
DMG Value Proposition
DMG has advanced integrated marketing solutions that target, engage, drive and convert customers, maximizing your ad spend and driving more front and back-end sales.
DMG Value Chain
DMG connects the links in the chain to drive your marketing objectives, insuring the results you deliver provide the ultimate in value and service for your customers.

Lead Provide™

Lead Provide™ offers multi-disciplinary strategies gained from extensive user research to bring targeted “in-market” buyers right to your dealership floor.

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Reputation Marketing

Most companies simply “Manage” your reputation, doing nothing to improve your bottom line. At DMG, we “Market” your “Reputation,” which puts your good reputation to work for you.

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Mobile Marketing

Mobile search for autos has increased 463% over last year. DMG takes the lead by using the most effective Mobile technology that gets Ups and Be-Backs coming in.

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Auto SEO

SEO continues to remain a relevant strategy, getting your sites ranked high and relevant to what your buyer is searching for.

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Dealer-Direct Mail™

At DMG, we agree that Direct Mail remains one of the highest-converting and effective strategies to bring targeted prospects into dealerships.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a passion for our team! We create and manage campaigns to educate, enlighten, entertain and engage consumers with your social presence on multiple platforms.

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